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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Windows 8 Pro Full Version Free Download (Updated Links)

When i had put the same post before the file was deleted. So here is revised post to help newcomers to Windows 8 Professional(Pro). I know that it has somewhat become the old release. But after this Microsoft has not yet released any other versions of Windows, So its still going good in the market.

Windows 8 Pro Full Version Free Download (Updated Links)
Free download Windows 8 Professional x86/x64 + Activator, Download genuine Windows 8 Full with Crack/Activator, Windows 8 Pro 32 bit/64 bit full version download May 2013 release, Original Windows 8 download full version with Activator or Crack direct links. Windows 8 operating system is latest release from the team of Microsoft. Windows 8 has advance graphical user interface along with the addition of having Apps ( so called Windows Apps in replacement with the gadgets in Windows 7). So if you love Windows 8, enjoy downloading the full version Windows 8 along with Crack or Activator using ads free direct links.

Microsoft Windows default keyProfessional : XKY4K-2NRWR-8F6P2-448RF-CRYQH -Retail Key

The below links are ISO files, but made into parts.

Windows 8 Pro 32 Bit (x86):-

Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit (x64):-

How to Install?
1. Download all the files. Remember to put all the files you downloaded in the same folder.

2. Use Winrar to extract files from any one of the part of file. If you have all the parts of Windows in a folder then it will proceed without error or it will ask you for the missing parts.

3. After it finishes extracting. Use Winrar to extract the files from ISO file to a separate folder. Go in it and start installing by clicking the setup.exe file.

You will require a crack to unlock special features (Recommended):-

Why Crack?
Some features are locked from before. For example .Net Framework 4.5 Which is mostly needed for playing many types of games! So it is recommended that you download crack.

After installing Windows 8 Pro Download Crack file from any one of the following links and right click on the file and run as Administrator (Very Important).

Download Links For Crack:- 

Crack-Link 2

If both crack links are not working. Use the below crack /Activator (Both are the same whether you call it crack or activator or loader)

Instructions After Installation:
1. After Installing Windows 8 Successfully Open KMS Activator . Don't get worried seeing a windows with message don't use this if you have downloaded it from any other website than 7PMTECH. Its just a bluff.

2. Click on Activate Windows 8 and Reboot your PC before doing anything else!

3. Done , when your PC finishes rebooting you will have full genuine version of Windows 8. And you will receive official update. I guarantee you.

And remember this is not a spam. It works cleanly.
Proof : I have 1 Desktop , 1 Laptop . Desktop with Win8 32bit , Laptop with Win8 64bit. And both of them were downloaded from the same link as given above!

Having Windows 7? Not yet activated? Irritated of being asked to Activate Windows whenever you turn on your PC or notifications?

Activate and take out the notifications by using this simple software

Still on Windows XP/7/8 ? 
Upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro VL
Download it from here:



do you need both crack links? because the first one is errored

Thanks...for providing both versions with Key and Cracks...

do i have to download all the four parts x64 files ?

@ Apre Pradia
Yes you will have to download all the parts.

@Sachin Acharya
Yes it is genuine. And i guarantee you that you will even get official updates. Because, i use the same Win8, and i get every update normally.

Use Winrar and and extract only one part, if all the parts are in the same folder from where you'r extracting one of the part, Winrar should automatically find the files and extract without giving you much trouble.After extraction you will get the file

should i download the 8 parts?? or only 4?

There are different bits for windows 32-bit (x86) 3 parts should be downloaded , or if you don't want 32 bit , you can move onto more upgraded (requires more RAM and processor capability and HDD space) 64-bit (x64) And just download the 4 parts of the file under it. :)

Yashas h.r. , will this copy of windows 8 ever expire while am still using it?

Thanks for sharing..
As of now I am downloading part 2 of x32.
I'll post my feedback after I have completely downloaded and install it on my PC.
Again, Thanks..

Don't worry , it wont expire. But still, remember to crack it using any of the crack files given above , or by searching for it google.

hey i downloaded all the parts of the 32 bit when i m going to extract first part it shows error . and i cant install please help me i wasted many GBs to download this copy.

Use winrar 3.7 corp to extract or even 7 zip works awesome.

It's working.. thanks! But how to use the crack? can give me a guide here or upload some guide? :)

and so does it work perfectly or not people??

hey frnd it is in three part
how cud we use these three part to install win 8
shall we have to merge these three,if yes then how
please help regarding this frnd!!!

Thanks; The windows install works fine, but the KMS crack did not. I founded Win8Pro WOC works ok.

crack links
not working can u please check

Having some serious download speed problems but hey at least it's still downloading.

I can't activate it when I crack it, could you help?

I could'nt activate the windows, I use crack from link above, could you help

Hi i am using toshiba satellite c660 for this we need win 8 drivers after installing of win 8. Is it require r nt

Man I combined the parts now what's next and is this windows 8 pro or win 8 when you comment please call me on 9767849251

I tried KMS, it did not work but Win8Pro WOC did.

My pc showing windows not activated pls help

Hi, thanks a lot for sharing.... currently I am using win 7-32 bit & want to install to win8 64-bit in another drive. (Dual OS). Will that be possible?
I have downloaded all the 4 rar files & extracted the iso. But when after mounting the iso file with DAEMON Tools when I am clicking on setup.exe it is showing error msg "This version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you are running." So does it mean I cannot install a Win 8 64bit OS from a win7 32 bit?

It works well.. Installed Windows 8 pro 32 bit.. Working fine... Genuine.. updates recieved.. Bro can you provide me link to windows 8.1? proper tutorial with product key and crack?

hey m downloading all the parts of x64 bit. how do i compile it? plz tell me ....

hey how to merge it ????
i have downloaded it
will it work?
is it windows 8 pro?
please get u a step by step guide
still confusedd how to install it

hey both the crack files are not downloading!!!!
please check it

and what to search so that we can the crack on google
pleasee reply fast!!!

Is this working or not????
Windows 8 Pro 32 Bit full version??

raviraj, which version you are already downloaded?

i cant activate my windows 8 x86 with KMS activator link 2
anyone can help me?

I downloaded 32 bit / 64 bit and they worked perfectly.

hi yashas h.r,

after downlaoding all the 4 parts, whether we have to merge the files or directly we can click them.....

when i click on link 1 it shows error ?? plzz send link 1 to my inbox

I have downloaded windiws 8 pro and aalso download cracker ..but what it shows THE ACTIVATOR REQUIRES YOU TO RUN ITS AS ADMINISTRATOR, THE PROGRAMME WILL CLOSE NOW.

what shd i do now

Hey!!! Both versions are working fine, the cracks as well....Thanks for posting....


@Abby mories
Right click on the file and click run as administrator , press yes if any request was asked.

@Wali Rehman
Use link 2

You will have to merge all the files together, use winrar or any extracter and click on the first part of the file and extract it, remember that all the parts should be in the same folder while extracting.

i have installed windows 8 but kms activator is giving error
windows couldn't be activated
Error code: 0xc004F074
Error Description: the software licensing service reported that the product couldn't be activated. No key management service (KMS) could be contacted. Please see the application event log for additional information.

Suggest me solution...

@rinor bujupaj
I have already highlighted the product code in red colour. However, it is XKY4K-2NRWR-8F6P2-448RF-CRYQH

Then search for " WAT remover for Windows 8 " in google. Then click and download it.

PLEASE TELL STEP BY STEP...........................................................................................

@ Ramin Ramo
1, Put all the downloaded files into a single folder
2. Use extracting software such as winrar or 7z to extract the file.
3. After extraction is complete click on setup.exe and install.
4. (important) Remember to share this post with your friends. :P

Can this used for upgreade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 8 Pro? and thank you

Hey I have windows home premium on my laptop now will this download work for me

please help!! i had download all data window 8 64 bit and successful install but i can't use wifi. it say adapter error. sorry for my bad english

Yes if you have windows 7 home premium or any other windows 7 you can upgrade it to windows 8 without losing any files (Depends on the option you select wheather to keep all the files or not while installing).

@Anonymous (Dec 14)
Yes you can make it into a bootable DVD

@Anonymous (Dec 15)
Was wifi working in the OS which you had before.
If yes, then there might be a chance that you might not have the correct drivers. Use the Windows Update and update all the drivers.
If you didn't have the WiFi working even in the OS you had before, it means that there might be a mistake in your hardware or you might have to reinstall Windows 8 (the one you downloaded from here).

now i m using windows it possible that i can installl windows 8

Thanks for the post, downloading the 64bit Win8 pro on a usb memory; can this be used on a MacBook pro via Boot camp?

Thankz a lot for the download link. I've downloaded all the files, hope it works. :)

You are great!
Working all links and Software too!!!!

am Derrick from kenya..thanks for this stuff.i Have a sony vaio core i5 and was tired of win 7 ultimate.b4 it gave me windows experience index of 5.8.afta tz update it went up to am playin fifa 13 with great graphics,thanks men...

awsome. thanks for providing windows 8. the crack did not work. please upload a new working crack

ေက်းဇူးတင္ပါတယ္။thank you.

ေက်းဇူးတင္ပါတယ္။ thankyou.

thanks for sharing...juz downloaded n burne to DVD n trial run, it's wait for my new customized PC come then will install..hooray~~

Hi The key XKY4K-2NRWR-8F6P2-448RF-CRYQH did work when installing the software but thereafter I constantly receive requests to activate Windows 8 with a new key because according to them this key is not valid
Please Please Yashas h.r. Please help

The just so that you can be allowed access to install WIndows 8. But you need to Crack Windows 8 to use it to its full extent.

Thank you for this, i'll like it very much!!!

Thanks to this, I'm still downloading it. =)

hello my friend, thanks a lot,

I download also 8.1 windows, I didnt see any coments there so I wright here,
the product key for 8.1 is the same with 8 that you have above???

are you greek?? yashas is a greek word, meens hello

@Anonymous: No I am not a greek. I'm an Indian. And In India Yashas Means Success.

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